Green Scheme

Whether sustainably sourced, made from recycled or reclaimed products, or crafted from low impact, renewable materials, our eco-friendly collection includes a variety of items to create a sustainable home. With eco-friendly cork materials, recycled glass and reclaimed timber, our sustainable collection encompasses furniture and accessories that won’t cost the earth.

We supply ethical and sustainable furniture, beds and mattresses, all made to measure in the UK. Our mattresses are all organic (Soil Association / GOTS certified), free from any added chemical fire retardants and handmade in the UK to any size. We can make all of our products to any size, shape or configuration, as well as bespoke designs. Glue free and natural, “chemical free” paint and wood finishes (child and vegan friendly) are also available for those wishing to avoid standard industry finishes.

Sustainably-sourced materials

As we mentioned above, more and more furniture companies are offering items made with sustainable materials. Both bamboo and rattan are fast-growing, abundant crops that can be grown without the use of pesticides. Some brands are also opting to create items from reclaimed and recycled materials. Recycled wood, textiles, iron, and glass can create attractive pieces for the home. Furnishings made from these materials have a natural aesthetic that is both stylish and environmentally safe.

You can also look for certifications to determine if a piece is eco-friendly. For example, look for wood pieces certified by the FSC (Forest Steward Council). This third party organisation guarantees the wood was harvested in a way that does not disrupt the biodiversity of the forest. By supporting brands that don’t contribute to deforestation, you are joining the fight for a cleaner planet.

Many eco-conscious brands also produce their goods with ethical labour standards and fair trade practices. They often give back to their communities and help to support local artisans. Sustainable, eco-friendly furniture enables you to achieve the natural aesthetic you are looking for while also helping the planet and doing good for people around the globe.

Other sustainable furniture certifications include: Cradle to Cradle; Green Seal; MAS Certified Green; and Scientific Certifications System (SCS).

Non-toxic materials

When shopping for furniture and home decor, avoid those made with non-biodegradable materials, such as plastic. These synthetic items do not break down naturally. Additionally, their manufacturing processes contribute to environmental pollutants that contaminate our food, water, and air. A low VOC certification from CertiPUR-US or Greenguard Gold will ensure an item has a low toxicity rating. This certification can apply to mattresses, paint, and even carpet.